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Vision Insurance

Vision insurance provides coverage for corrective eye services rendered by eye care professionals such as ophthalmologists and optometrists. Vision insurance comes in a variety of plan types, including vision savings plans and comprehensive benefit plans.

Typical vision insurance plans pay for regular eye exams and can provide full coverage or discounted eye glasses and or contacts as well. Vision insurance may also provide discounted surgeries such as laser treatment or refractive surgery.

Eye exams are not only important for protecting your eyes and your vision, they are also important for spotting common health conditions. Eye doctors can detect high sugar levels, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure in their patients – all of which are leading indicators to more serious health problems that are also easier to treat when caught early.

Who Needs Vision Insurance?
Vision insurance is most important for people with vision challenges, such as near- or far-sighted vision, or those who require regular eye exams to treat other health conditions that affect their vision, such as diabetes. Most families with children need a vision insurance plan to keep an eye on their childrens' vision. Individuals who have worn glasses or contacts for some time and notice that their general vision quality is deteriorating, will likely prefer to have some type of vision insurance because eye doctor's visits will be required regularly.

Vision Insurance through InsuringCT Health Insurance
Purchasing an affordable vision plan is sensible and practical. With vision insurance through InsuringCT, you'll get the eye care you need to keep your vision strong and healthy.

Comprehensive vision insurance plans are available in individual, family, and group plans to ensure you have:

Vision savings plans – or discount plans – are often a more affordable way to offset the costs of eye doctor's visits and corrective lenses. A variety of deductibles and coverages can help you customize your eye care needs without breaking the bank. Contact InsuringCT today to learn more about the vision insurance plans available in Connecticut.

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