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Individual & Family Health Insurance

As much as five percent of the United States' population currently purchases private health coverage on an independent or family basis, and this number is expected to rise as changes occur in the work environment and Healthcare Reform begins to take effect. Individual Connecticut health insurance and family health insurance is different from Group Health Insurance, which is typically insurance that is offered through an employer or by association with a particular group. Individual health insurance plans in Connecticut are offered by a number of different carriers and the rates for the different policies available are filed with and approved by the Connecticut State Insurance Department so you won't find a lower rate anywhere else than right here at InsuringCT!

Family and Individual Connecticut health insurance that is purchased independently can offer similar benefits to those offered by a group policy and often at a less expensive rate. With individual Connecticut health insurance you also get more flexibility to choose the services you want to have covered, select deductible and or copay amounts and thus save some money. For example, services considered standard by a typical group policy, such as maternity coverage may not be included in a typical independent policy. Then again, the individual purchasing the policy may have no need for those types of coverage. At InsuringCT we work closely with each individual to understand their specific needs so that we can help recommend the most appropriate Connecticut health insurance plan at the most affordable rate.

Who needs Individual Connecticut Health Insurance?

Individual health insurance is health coverage that any person can purchase independently. While the majority of Connecticut residents get their health insurance through their employer, more and more small companies are not able to provide it and more and more individuals are choosing alternative work styles.

Individual Connecticut Health Insurance is ideal for:

Who needs Connecticut Health Insurance?

The simple answer, EVERYONE. Those without Connecticut health insurance are less likely to receive proper care even when it is needed. Families without health insurance tend to not seek appropriate medical attention or get necessary prescriptions filled which can lead to inappropriate care. You also want to make sure that you have health insurance coverage in place so that you are covered in the event of a catastrophic accident or illness. Medical bills are one of the leading cause of bankruptcy. It is for these reasons that you really have to have family or individual Connecticut health insurance. Contact InsuringCT today so we can help make sure you are protected for tomorrow.

Types of Family and Individual Connecticut Health Insurance

There are a variety of options when it comes to purchasing family and individual health insurance plans and it's important that you understand the options available for your specific needs. At InsuringCT, we'll work with you to find the best coverage plans to suit your needs.

Some of the types of family and individual Connecticut health insurance plans are:

HMOs, or
Health Maintenance Organizations

HMOs offer comprehensive health coverage and are commonly designed as a co-payment plan (where the members pay a portion of the cost for each service). Many HMOs are switching to offer deductible plans as well in an effort to reduce monthly premiums.

With an HMO, you use providers inside the HMO network. If you go outside the network, you can be responsible for as much as 100% of the service charges.

Things to think about:

  • can you stay within the network of providers?
  • is your regular doctor a part of this HMO plan?
PPOs, or Preferred Provider Organizations

PPOs offer a little more flexibility to see doctors or go to facilities without having to worry about their membership in a network. Out-of-network charges can still be incurred depending on how far you travel.

Things to think about: can most of your medical needs be handled within the PPO coverage area?

HSAs, or Health Savings Accounts

HSAs are high deductible health insurance plans as well as tax-free savings accounts.

Things to think about: what is the maximum risk exposure I am comfortable with. Because you are responsible for a larger up front deductible you want to make sure that in a worst case scenario you would be able to pay your deductible and out-of-pocket maximum.

Short-Term Medical Coverage A short-term health insurance plan is designed to provide comprehensive health insurance coverage for a family or individual over a temporary period of time. Often used by recent college graduates, laid off workers, and by those waiting for other coverages to start, short-term medical insurance can provide a much-needed safety net for individuals and families.

There are a number of affordable Connecticut health insurance plans available for each of these types of coverage.

How do I Buy Family or Individual Connecticut Health Insurance?

Getting a quote and purchasing Connecticut Health Insurance has never been easier. At InsuringCT, we take pride helping our clients find the insurance products they need. We work with each of our clients to understand his or her special needs, and we help our clients understand their options and their coverage.

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