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High School Football In Heat Has Considerable Health Risk

As per a recent health survey report, high school football in extreme heat  is quite risky for the players.  In the current high school football summer in the United States four deaths have been reported already.  According to the recommendation of the doctors, it is better to be indoors and avoid the high temperatures which occur during this period.  The heat wave has been witnessed across the United States and the coaches have been cautioned about the health status of the players. Health is certainly more important than on field challenge which the players want to undertake.

Although the advice from the health experts is to stay indoors, it remains to be seen how the intense competition of high school football can be avoided. Intense practice sessions in the midst of heat is a regular affair which concerns high school football in the United States. It is very difficult to control the immense sentiments of players, officials and fans connected with high school football. But pitting a health risk for it is not a good decision at all.  Off late, the temperature scale during the morning hours when most practice sessions take place has been on the higher side.

This is not the right time to practice or play high school football.  The significant fact which further enhances the problem is that coaches have failed to comprehend this life threatening health hazard.  The annual  death rate of the players has enhanced significantly. According to a latest research which has been conducted the death list involves both the players and officials like linesmen. In order to counter this danger pre emptive measures are being taken. These measures include providing the coaches with the correct training related to instant heat care. Healthcare is always important and should also be an integral part of high school football.

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