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Why Do You Need Life Insurance Connecticut

Just like other states, Connecticut does not regulate life insurance Connecticut the way that the Department of Insurance regulates other insurance policies such as health or auto.  Regulations usually emerged when a claim is filed.  Sometimes the claim involves payment terms and other pertinent issues which affect the disbursements of death benefits.  Under the insurance code of the state, some provisions are offered in order to protect the rights of the residents living in the state of Connecticut as well as the companies which are selling the insurance policies.

Some people are wondering why they need to obtain a life insurance Connecticut.  Connecticut is among the top 5 states in terms of life expectancy.  You may think that you do not need life insurance but think again.  For every 100,000 residents in Connecticut, more than 700 pass away each year.  Aside from these, there are still more reasons why you need life insurance.  The provisions within the insurance code include protection for consumers in Connecticut and level of standardization.  The free look provision can allow the consumers to have a test drive with the policy before purchasing it.  The state understands that the policy can be hard to understand that is why they are giving the consumers 30 days to review.  Consumers are free to cancel the policy without penalty or any questions asked if they are not satisfied.  Aside from protecting the consumers, the insurance code also protects the interest of the insurance companies that are selling the life insurance policies.  For example, the insurance company has the right to review your application up to two years, even if the company has already approved and issued a policy.  If the company finds out that you are cheating on your application, for example you are providing the wrong age then they can cancel your policy right away.

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