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Why Choose Connecticut General Life Insurance Company Cigna

Connecticut General Life Insurance Company Cigna has decades of experience when it comes to health insurance.  That is why they can help you in managing your health effectively.  Your health is very important and it is considered as your most valuable asset.  Cigna offers you affordable health insurance coverage.  They have also an excellent customer service.  Individuals can choose the right plan from their wide range of health insurance plans and services.  Cigna has the widest network with more health care professionals, hospitals and other facilities.  Consumers can have the freedom to choose their own doctors and they can visit these doctors anytime.  There is no need for any referrals.  You can obtain a better value if you choose a doctor within the network.

With Connecticut General Life Insurance Company Cigna, you can choose your dentist from their network or you can choose to have a dentist outside the network.  Your dental coverage can include a lot of eligible services which you can enjoy after satisfying the waiting period and meeting the deductible.  The basic, preventive and restorative dental services are included in your dental coverage. 

Connecticut General Life Insurance Company Cigna has a personalized website which can help your with different types of services such as paying your premiums, finding your doctors and other health professionals, printing temporary ID cards, downloading forms plus many more.  Cigna can offer you customer service 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.  They can answer your questions anytime.  You can also use their online tools in comparing the cost and quality of medical service, hospital care and medications.

At, you can be assured that you are obtaining a quality health plan since they are representing the leading health insurance companies including Cigna.  You can call their friendly and experienced agents at (877) 227-3770 or visit them at

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