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Understanding Connecticut Medical Insurance

All types of Connecticut medical insurance which are sold in Connecticut are being regulated by the Connecticut Insurance Department.  If you are searching for health insurance coverage then you can view their list of insurance companies and insurance agents which are licensed to operate in Connecticut.  If you are having problems in resolving your claims dispute with your insurance company then you can file a complaint with the Connecticut Insurance Department.

The Connecticut medical insurance plans obtained from employers are also regulated by the US Department of Labor’s Employee Benefits Security Administration.   The EBSA is the one who creates and enforces the rules for health insurance coverage offered by employers.  Employers or business owners should follow these rules.  For instance, an employer has no right to single out an employee and exclude him from the health plan just because he has a costly illness or injury.  A company which employs 20 or more employees must be offered with COBRA continuation coverage.  This is the protection of employees when they leave their jobs.  EBSA makes sure that the rights of the employees are protected.  For those employees who have some concerns about the practices about their employers in implementing the health coverage then they can contact the EBSA office.  For example, if you believe that your employer should offer you COBRA but he did not or you were mistakenly terminated from your health insurance plan.  In Connecticut, those residents who have been denied by insurance companies due to their pre-existing conditions can obtain health care coverage from Connecticut Health Reinsurance Association.

If you need help in choosing the best Connecticut medical insurance plan then you can visit can provide you the best advice and help you from start to finish in ensuring that you are obtaining the right policy.  If you want to discuss your special needs then you can speak with an agent by calling (877) 227-3770.

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