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Connecticut Health Insurance Plans for Students

Finding the right student Connecticut health insurance plan is very important for every parent striving to take care of their children. There are lots of choices available for students looking for health insurance; whether it’s for the college student, for a graduating college student or for older graduate students.

There are plenty of options for selecting the Connecticut health insurance plans for students. 1. Getting medical insurance from local ‘Blue Cross Blue-Shield’ or private health insurer.
2. Getting health insurance from the student’s employer.
3. Getting ‘College student health-insurance’ from the plan offered by their university or college.
4. Getting health insurance as dependant on policy of spouse or parent.

You can also look for non group Connecticut health insurance plans which are easily available in your area. You can get contact the state’s insurance department to avail this plan. For outstation students looking for Connecticut health insurance plans, you can look into the different plans that are offered in each area. It is recommended for the student who is permanently residing in Connecticut to purchase the Connecticut approved plan.

There are lots of plans from which the students can choose from like discount plans, accident only plans, basic or hospital only plans, Urgent day care centers and school sponsored clinics. Discount plans are not actually health insurance plans. They offer discounted services and are not true insurance benefits. Being covered by accident only plans offers the students with sub standard coverage when compared to the comprehensive insurance plans. The basic or hospital only plans offer great coverage in hospital but very little coverage outside hospital. These plans actually help the students to save themselves from the enormous hospital bills that would otherwise bankrupt you. The school sponsored clinics cover for little things, but are effective.

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