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Finding a Trustworthy Health Insurance Company Connecticut

Relying on how other people rate an insurance company can really pay off. If you can find honest consumer feedback about a health insurance company than you can use that information to help make your own health insurance decisions.

Most consumers agree that there are certain qualities that a health insurance company has to posses to be considered best.  When asked; what is the single most important quality a health insurance company should posses? 70% of consumers polled respond resoundingly: Customer Service.

People also stated during the survey that they would actually pay a bit more to be able to speak to a real person instead of having to deal with mechanical instructions to push this button after that button.

The Top Five Qualities (According to Consumers) a Health Insurance Company Should Possess

Consumers in Connecticut were asked to name the top five qualities the health insurance company Connecticut should posses to be named best.

  1. Customer Care- 70% of consumers agree that customer care ranks as the number trait a health insurance company should have. People are tired of being put on hold and never getting a call back when they leave messages.


  1. Affordable Rates- An overwhelming number of people recognized affordable rates as the number 2 most important quality a health insurance company should have. Affordable rates it was agreed upon does not mean the lowest rates it simply means reasonable rates.
  1. Good Coverage – Good coverage would seem like it should wind up closer to the top of the list but in this survey it was number three.


  1. Quick Claim Turn Around- Your doctor does not want to wait to be paid, and most consumers agree that they should not have too with quick claim turn around being the number 4 most desired quality.
  1. Easy Form Filling- If the health insurance company required forms to be filled out than they have to make them easy to be considered for the coveted best health insurance company Connecticut has to offer.


Consumer reviews are an excellent source of information but if you do not have the time to spare to sit around and read the reviews than you can depend on to point you in the right direction. is your health insurance advocate from free quotes to help with filing claims we do it all. Get a free quote and take a look at what some of the top ranking health insurance companies have to offer you! Get a quote today!

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