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Finding the Best Health insurance

Connecticut residents looking for the best rates on health insurance have many options to choose from. The best rates on Connecticut insurance are most afforded to the employers having a large employee base. But, if you are self employed, without employment for more than eighteen months or recently unemployed, there are health insurance options which you too can select.

COBRA allows recently unemployed tend to continue to enjoy the coverage and benefits offered by the company’s sponsored Connecticut insurance health plan. But, you need to pay the monthly premiums to enjoy the benefits offered under this plan. The COBRA coverage is said to last for approximately eighteen months.

The Health Re-insurance Assoc. of Connecticut (HRA) provides options to the unemployed beyond the COBRA period. The HRA is a nonprofit assoc. of insurance company and HMO’s, who are said to provide health Connecticut insurance coverage. Three types of insurance plans are offered for the individuals. You can easily select from a PPO, SHCP or HMO plan. In order to qualify for any of the 3 plans, you should not be more than 65 years of age and have coverage for 18 months. It is also important on your part to apply for coverage under any of this plan, prior to the previous insurance coverage expiration. Other types of qualifications might apply, depending on the type of plan you select.

Self employed people are advised to contact the Connecticut State-Insurance Department. They will provide you with a list of various Connecticut insurance companies that would be willing to insure self employed people like you.

Apart from this, if you belong to any group association, you will be able to obtain coverage on health insurance from that association. It is better to shop around for more quotes before taking a decision. Contact the agents at Insuring to get more information on finding Connecticut health insurance.

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