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Different Types of Connecticut Dental Insurance Plans

Connecticut dental insurance plans work the same way with medical insurance.  Consumers are going to pay a monthly premium in exchange for specific dental benefits.  These dental benefits can include cleanings, regular dental check-ups, x-rays and other dental services which can promote dental health.  Some plans can provide wider coverage than the others.  There are also some plans which requires you to pay more for every dental services rendered.  You can also select dental plans which can provide coverage for extensive treatment such as orthodontia, dental implants and dental surgery.

Just like medical insurance plans, Connecticut dental insurance plans can be categorized into two; these are managed care plans and indemnity plans.  Individuals who choose indemnity plans can enjoy having a wide range of selection of dental care providers compared to managed care plans.  In indemnity plans, the insurance company will only pay for the covered services after receiving the bill.  Therefore, the patient will be responsible in paying upfront and then file for reimbursement to the insurance company later.  Managed care plans are using dental provider networks.  These dentists who are participating in the network agree to pre-negotiated rates in performing dental services to patients.  There is lesser paperwork since these providers will be the one who will submit the bill to the insurance provider.  With managed care plans, you will have lower out of pocket costs.  If you want to get more information about Connecticut dental insurance plans, then you can contact Connecticut State Dental Association, this is the association which represents the dentists in Connecticut. can also provide your more dental insurance information and other resources.  In order to obtain several quotes, you can visit their website at  You can also speak with an agent by calling (877) 227-3770. is representing some of the leading insurance companies so you can be sure that you are obtaining only the high quality dental plan.

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