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The State of Connecticut Health Care

Connecticut health care is among some of the top in the country. There are plenty of providers per capita and there are plenty of options.

The one problem that is often sited is that Connecticut health care is expensive. This is the case all across the United States and is not exclusively a Connecticut problem. The cost of health care is generally rising for everyone involved in health care from the patient to the health insurance companies.

The costs are getting completely out of control. Not having health insurance is one of the biggest factors that affect the increase in health care costs. The more people that are uninsured the higher the cost of health care goes so that health care providers can break even.

Misconceptions about Health Care

One of the biggest misconceptions about health care is that all doctors are rich. In reality most health care providers are not wealthy by today’s standards most make a fair living but very few are making millions a year.

As a matter of fact because of the strain of uninsured patients that are unable to pay many physicians and other health care providers can not even afford to open their own practice.

Room for Improvement

Connecticut health care certainly has some room for improvement like any other health care system. One of the chief changes actually does not have anything directly to do with health care providers. It is the health insurance system. If more people had better access to affordable health insurance it would bring the cost of health care back down to earth. is working with health care carriers to provide more affordable health plans to the people of Connecticut to help lower the cost of health care. You can help improve health care in Connecticut by making sure you have the most affordable health insurance plan available. Get your free quotes today from and start making a difference!

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