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Affordable State Insurance CT

Connecticut residents who can’t afford to buy their own state insurance CT plans can search for health care programs sponsored by the government.  In the state of Connecticut, there are two individual health plans which are sponsored by the state and do not deny coverage to those people who have pre existing conditions.  These health plans are even more affordable compared to private health insurance plans.  These two health programs are Husky program and Charter Oak Health Plan. Aside from these two plans, they can also obtain Medicaid.  These health plans are intended for those who have low incomes, older individuals and those who have medical conditions.

The Husky program is a state insurance CT plan which is designed for children.  The premium of this plan is lower if the income of the family is also low.  The medical history of the child will not prevent him from getting an approval for this health care policy which is sponsored by the state.  The Charter Oak plan is the health plan for the adults.  Currently, it has a monthly premium of $307.  Members of Charter Oak plan who have lower income may also have lower deductible.  Pre-existing conditions may not prevent people from obtaining coverage however there are still other criteria that may prevent them from getting an approval.  The downside of these two health programs is there are only limited medical providers.  Sometimes people who are enrolling in these health programs are having a difficult time finding their local doctor who participates in the program.

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