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Who Governs CT Health Insurance Rates?

The new health insurance reform bill has shed some light on exactly how health insurance is governed. Each state has its own insurance department that governs that states insurance system. CT health insurance rates are reviewed by the Connecticut Insurance Department. If an insurance company wishes to sell insurance in Connecticut than the must be licensed by the Connecticut Insurance Department.

The Connecticut Insurance Department is responsible for making sure that all health insurance carriers that are licensed to sell health insurance in Connecticut are meeting stringent guidelines. The majority of the guidelines focus on a companies financial ability to provide what it promises.

The Department also regulates insurance policy forms, rules and regulations to make sure that companies that are licensed to do business in Connecticut and sell insurance comply with the rules and laws of Connecticut. For example there are different laws that govern Medicare supplement programs. CT health insurance rates for Medicare supplement insurance is a sliding scale rate and if the CT health insurance rates for Medicare are too be increased than it has to go before a public hearing.

Set Rates

The Connecticut Insurance Department reviews for rate increase requests. When a health insurance carrier wants to increase their rates from a different set of rates that they have already filed with the Connecticut Insurance Department they must make application.

Confusing Factors

There are a lot of rules and laws regarding CT health insurance rates information that any good experienced health insurance agent should be able too clue you in to. The problem arises when you use a nationwide agent that really can not focus on the rules and laws of Connecticut the way a local agent can. is a group of local Connecticut health insurance agents that are independent and have a complete understanding of the CT health insurance rates and what those rates are subject to.

Let discuss with you the laws that affect health insurance in CT. Start the discussion by getting a free health insurance quote today!

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